Degree and Ph.D. opportunities at Unibo

The Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Material Engineering at the University of Bologna, where I teach and work as a researcher, offers several opportunities to foreign students. I believe studying in Bologna and Ravenna (where the University of Bologna has a campus and where I am teaching) is a great experience for a foreign student.

Degree programmes

If you are interested in degree programs (bachelor and master) offered by my Department, please refer to the following link:

Please pay attention to the teaching language and the campus where the programmes are taught. As for the language, several master programmes are taught in English. As for the campus, I am teaching in Bologna and Ravenna. The latter offers easier housing. Classrooms are usually less crowded than in Bologna so the interaction with teachers is more direct. Students usually travel from Bologna to Ravenna by train. The trip takes about 70 minutes, trains are frequent and cheap. Please note that some international master programmes are taught one year in Bologna and one year in Ravenna.

Starting from the Academic Year 2024-2025 we plan to offer a master degree programme in Civil Engineering with specialisation in Climate Change Adaptation. It is an innovative programme to train engineers to conceive and design climate change adaptation structures and strategies. Teachers are international experts with excellent experience in research and professional work. The programme will be presented in Spring 2024. Stay tuned!

Scholarships are offered to international students enrolled at the degree programs of Unibo. Please see Please note that I cannot offer any funding opportunities besides what is presented at the above links.

For more information, please refer to the contacts given at the above pages. Please note that I cannot reply to any individual email that I receive.

Ph.D programmes

The University of Bologna offers several Ph.D. programmes to international students. Some Ph.D. courses are  taught in English and Ph.D. advisors are experienced researchers at the international level that are well used to interact in English. 

The list of the Ph.D. programmes offered by the University of Bologna is available here:

I supervise Ph.D. students in the following Ph.D. programmes:

As you may see, several positions are offered with scholarship. The call is open every year (please check the above link and email addresses therein for more information on opening and closing dates - typically the deadline for applications is in May-June-July).

Please note that the call is competitive. We receive several applications. However, I would say that the probability of success for a well prepared foreign student is not low. Therefore my suggestion is to apply, if you are interested. More details on the criteria for evaluation are given at the links above. If you succeed in getting enrolled to the programmes you will have the opportunity to select your PhD advisor. Any professor teaching in the PhD programme you selected may act as your advisor. Once you got the position, please feel free to contact me if you believe that I may help you in selecting your advisor.

Please note that I cannot offer any additional funding besides what is presented at the above links. Also, I cannot write any reference letter for students whom I do not know.

For more information, please refer to the contacts given at the above pages. Please note that unfortunately I cannot reply to any individual email that I receive.

Thank you for your interest!